Vivienne wears white diamond necklace by David Morris

‘Recently I stopped using my phone or reading something as soon as I had to wait somewhere or was alone, if it’s sitting in a bus, waiting at a casting or during a job, or while having lunch.  Instead, I just started looking more at what’s happening around me and try to be in the moment. Sometimes that meant looking out of the window while being on the bus for 30min. In the beginning, it was a little bit boring, but I really began to appreciate not having the need to share everything or be on social media Instead being I am enjoying being in the moment: seeing and discovering things that are happening in the real world, instead of what’s online. It makes me feel so much happier!’
Vivienne from Germany.

Jeanne wears diamond and aquamarine drop earrings from William & Son

‘I’m beginning to recognise that real happiness isn’t something large and looming on the horizon ahead, but something small, numerous and already here. The smile of someone you love. A decent breakfast. The warm sunset. Just the little things.. that makes me really happy’
Jeanne from the Netherlands.

Olabisi wears Adler ruby and diamond necklace and earrings

‘Music that I can dance to makes me really happy’
Olabisi from Nigeria

Left-hand image:
Mitch wears yellow diamond ring by Boodles

‘Living in the moment makes me happy’
Mitch from London.

Right-hand image:
Ida wears emerald and diamond necklace by Asprey

I feel the happiest when I’m creating. Being able to tell a story through drawings, paintings or photos. It’s like meditation to me. I can sit for hours and get sucked into my artwork. It’s the most calming thing I know.
Ida from Denmark.



Cha Mi wears ‘Joon’ emerald and diamond necklace and earrings by JRS

Food makes me happy I can eat and eat and eat and I never get fat!
Cha Mi from Vietnam