About Make Magazine

Make Magazine is a luxury, digital, immersive magazine, launched in March 2017, Make comes from the creative imaginings of Fashion Director Ursula Lake and Photographer Chloe Mallett.

Make is designed to be read in the same way as a physical magazine and therefore has a classic editorial issue format. However, we adjusted the format for the modern reader making it available to take the magazine with you wherever you go, making the read an environmentally sound proposition too.

At its most simple, Make Magazine aims to create a collection of intelligent creative images and stories that we hope people will enjoy now and forever. In a world that thrives on immediacy and pace we would like to slow down and create something insightful, timeless and beautiful.

A modern homage to the magazines of our youth, the publications that we pored over for weeks and treated reverently, and work of those artists that inspires us still. We hope to bring together images from different fields of the visual, literary and artistic world combining fiction, art, travel, music, opinion and all genres of photography from still life to the moving image.

We love the creative process. Conversations and collaborations and the idea that we might be introducing people both established and undiscovered talent to new audiences and imagining where that might lead. We aspire to the idea that, in some small way, we are globally connecting the dots between different people, genres and cultures to create something to be treasured.

We are not about the latest trends or following them slavishly. We are not interested in the throw away or the celebrity driven. We crave patience, integrity, honesty, craftsmanship, humour and most of all beauty. We aim to seek out great ideas, places, visionaries and fascinating visual and written stories from around the globe.

We love things to be stylish but style is not just about fashion. We think it’s a way of life.


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