Josh Millard– Fashion Designer and his mother and muse, Tessa wearing Joshua Millard

I grew up on a sheep farm in a very remote area of Dorset and to be honest fashion seemed like an inaccessible dream. So now the sense of achievement in having my own label is enormous and it makes me very happy. Every day being my own boss, which of course has its ups and downs but what doesn’t in life? It a great feeling to building my brand and it’s exciting now that we are really beginning to make progress and this makes me really happy.

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Lisa Tan  – Milliner wearing her own design, the Elizabeth hat

I wore this piece to Ascot a few years ago where it had a really dramatic response and really helped to get me noticed as a milliner. Ascot, to me, is the real benchmark of excellence in the millinery, so it really reminds me of a feeling of acceptance and really making it in my field and the fulfillment of a real goal that I had worked long and hard to achieve. So I think this piece will always make me feel happy.

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Jake Smith – model wearing Adidas t-shirt.

My dad bought me this Diego Maradona video when I was about four and my brother and I used to watch it every Saturday morning. We were obsessed with all his training gear, which was this sort of thing- tight Adidas kit. So wearing Adidas always makes feel happy as I can tap into that nostalgia, it brings back fond memories and it makes me feel like a kid again.


Jet Shenky – Fashion designer of the label Eponine
Colours make me really happy. I used to wear a lot of black up until I started Eponine about 7 years ago but now I hardly do. Whilst sourcing for fabrics for our collections I came across African fabrics and fell in love with their crazy patterns and colours. Wearing something cheerful makes a dreary day a much better one!

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Kae Alexander – Actor and her thimble charm necklace.

My thimble charm necklace is one the thing that makes me happy. Three years ago I played the role of Wendy in Peter Pan in the outdoor theatre in Regents Park, which was a really magical experience for me. On the first night, my boyfriend gave me this charm, which has a thimble on it (which in the story symbolizes a kiss)
Ultimately it makes me happy not only because of the gesture of my boyfriend but also reminds me of how supportive he is and also the support team that I have in general, that makes me very happy. Whenever I feel a little down, it’s a nice reminder that people are rooting for you.

Kae is just about to start filming Maleficent 2 with Michelle Phieffer, Angelina Jolie, and Chiwetel Ejiofor. And will be appearing in ITV drama called ‘Strangers’ out in the autumn.

Right-hand image:

Mahalia – Singer wearing her red flower earrings.

I’m obsessed with these red flower earrings that I bought in Barcelona, I got them on a whim and I haven’t taken them off since! I love the colour red and these are bold and beautiful and sexy and make me feel like that too! I wear a lot of muted tones so it’s a bit different for me to have something this bright. They have them in lots of different colours so I have my eyes on the yellow pair too!

Mahalia will be performing at a lot of festivals over the summer in Europe and the US before she starts her UK tour in the autumn in October. To read more about Mahalia visit

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Melissa Hemsley – Cook and author of cookbook ‘Eat Happy’ wearing a straw hat from

I bought this hat for a wedding having never been a hat person and in the end, I chickened out of wearing it. It sat in its posh box for a long time as I didn’t feel brave enough to wear it! Then I started to use it as a prop to perk up a room and both my boyfriend and I would add it to a room whenever we felt like it needed something to cheer it up, hanging it on a wall or resting it on a chair. This eventually lead me to start wearing it around the house and then I finally I plucked up the confidence to wear it out. This hat makes me happy because I have always been quite safe in the way that I dress this hat represents an evolution in me because I have gone from being scared of wearing it and now I love it and it makes me feel really great.

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Right-hand image:

Pip McCormac. Lifestyle journalist, Author and Podcast host wearing a vest from his gym, ‘Unit’

I chose this vest from Unit, which is my gym because it’s where I go switch off, laugh; I meet friends there now. Unit is a real community and it’s the nicest place to work out and I go about 6 times a week and I really feel I have found something that works in my life. It makes me feel calmer, makes me feel like I am achieving things, changing myself for the better and I feel more positive generally. So the vest to me symbolises everything that unit has done for me and it always makes me feel happy.